President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin doesn’t exclude the possibility to point its rockets at Ukraine, if NATO military bases appear on the territory of this country in future.

“We will be forced to retarget our rockets towards those objects, which we consider to be threatening to our national safety. I have to tell about this today directly and honestly,” Putin said at the press conference on Thursday.

The President of the RF noted that nobody had asked the Ukrainian people about the attitudes towards plans on joining NATO.

“As I know, the most part of the Ukrainian citizens is against joining NATO, but the leadership of Ukraine signed the document and has started the process of joining. What sort of democracy is this? Who has asked the citizens, whether they want this or not? And if this is made in such regime, so in this regime, without asking anyone, the NATO bases could appear there…,” Putin said.

As a reminder, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko stated yesterday in Moscow that Ukraine is ready to confirm legislatively the non placement of NATO military bases on its territory.

“If the Russian side worries about military bases, Ukraine will not do this,” President Yushchenko said.

“We are ready to strengthen this constitutionally,” the Head of the Ukrainian State said.


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