The directions of the President Yushchenko’s visit to Moscow are being discussed. Representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers, Olexander Shlapak, has stated today at the briefing.

According to him, the gas question will be one of the top priority questions during the negotiations of presidents of Ukraine and Russia. “Although, the main question for us is the signing of the plan of cooperation of Ukraine and Russia within the framework of “Yushchenko-Putin” commission… and this is the key question which is consisted of political, humanitarian, and also economic aspects… But we also are prepared for the question on the gas subject,” Olexander Shlapak stated.

As a reminder, on February 12 at the second sitting of the Interstate Yushchenko-Putin commission the action plan on development of cooperation of Ukraine and Russia will take place. The NSDC Raisa Bohatyryova informed.


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