President Viktor Yushchenko has written a letter today to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko with a request to stir up implementation of state program of child adoption. President’s press office reports.

The measures the President awaits from the Prime Minister to be applied include:

- implementation of President’s Decree of July 11, 2005 “On top-priority measures on children rights protection” especially the part of the Decree demanding working out a mechanism of covering support costs for orphan children including implementation of “money follow the child” principle

- working out and presenting to the Verkhovna Rada for examination necessary amendments to the legislation on financing support of such children according to “money follow the child” scheme

- working out and implementation of a work order for guardianship facilities regarding children adoption

- taking into account during 2008 budget revision the expenses aimed at financing of the adoptive families

- ensuring proper staffing of the State Department on Adoption and Children Rights Protection under Ministry for Family, Youth and Sport.


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