Leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych considers early elections or reformation of the coalition as possible ways of solution of parliamentary crisis. He stated in TV interview on Saturday.

In his opinion, the parliament cannot effectively work with the majority of 227 people. He also considers that work of the government directly depends on it.

“It is necessary to recognize that such coalition is not capable to work effectively,” Yanukovych emphasized.

Answering the question, whether the early parliamentary elections in such situation are the solution of the parliamentary crisis, he said: “There is no doubt. Only when they (early parliamentary elections - ed .) will be held and in what way – this is also a question of discussion, a question of lawyers”.

Yanukovych names the inability of the authority to work in such conditions as a reason for elections.

He also has not excluded an opportunity of reformation of the coalition.

“Probably, the other way will be found. Probably, other format of the coalition will be created,” leader of the Party of Regions emphasized.


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