President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko noted that inflation rate in January at 2.9% is the highest for last seven years. According to data of National Bank, annual inflation rate can reach 19.4%. Yushchenko said that today in scope of the meeting with heads of local state administrations, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to the President, such figure alerts of something serious. It is a challenge we did not face for last seven – eight years.

He informed that he had addressed to the heads of National Bank with request to develop urgent plan on anti-inflation measures.

Yushchenko also noted that NBU considers reasons of inflation growth are excessive current expenses. In January incomes of state budget increased by 35% and expenses increased by 75%.

According to him, now in Ukraine trust of Ukrainians to national currency is observed. But, according to Yushchenko, in case Finance Ministry and National Bank do not react correctly, people, business and national economy will face serious trial. The President called the governors to unite their efforts in controlling the situation.

Yushchenko also noted that serious challenge is price for energy resources. He charged the government to make a report on what measures will be taken for solution of this problem.

According to Yushchenko, problem number one for national and regional markets is prices on food market.


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