Chairman of the VRU Arseniy Yatsenyuk hopes that yesterday’s check on presence of the People’s deputies in the VRU hall will contribute to their discipline and attendance of the parliament. Yatsenyuk said that today, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Attendance in the parliament leaves much to be desired from two sides (coalition and opposition),” he noted.

Yatsenyuk reminded that he stands for personal voting, not by voting cards and he will demand People’s deputies to vote personally. “It is a constitutional norm,” he said.

He also stressed that voting cards of absent People’s deputies would not be used for voting. “Ukrainians elected People’s deputies but not their voting cards,” he said.

Yatsenyuk also assured that People’s deputies who do not come to the work in the parliament would not receive their salary.

As a reminder, yesterday the speaker read the list of the People’s deputies, who were absent at the sitting. He emphasized that these People’s deputies would be deprived of the salary for this day.


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