American company ТBM Holdings. Inc. has applied to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko with request to stop the state official of Ukraine who extorts USD 300 thousand bribe from the investor. American company considers that the Ukrainian President must interfere in such unprecedented situation – public blackmail of hundred thousand dollars and give signal to world business community about real level of corruption in Ukraine and the state’s position on fight against it.

According to From-UA, at ТBM Holdings. Inc., on July 16, 2007 citizen of Ukraine Olexander Parshyn and American company concluded an agreement according to which Parshyn gave 199089 shares of “Termo” Jsc., which he had owed, to ТBM Holdings.Inc. In return for shareholding of Parshyn ТBM Holdings.Inc. issued 550597 shares that corresponds to cost of shares of “Termo” Jsc.

The American company noted that agreement has been concluded in proper way and signed by two sides. ТBM Holdings.Inc. has no other obligations before Parshyn. However in a half of a year after conclusion of the agreement, Parshyn has started extorting additional USD 300 thousand by cash and also USD 10 thousand quarterly from ТBM Holdings.Inc.

Representatives of American company assured that they had known that Parshyn was high official of Ukraine only after he started pressure on the company using his official position. Olexander Parshyn obtains a position of first deputy head of state agency on effective usage of fuel-energy resources of Ukraine, activity sphere of which includes also “Termo”Jsc.

In answer to the rejection of the American company to make any additional payments, which are not foreseen by the agreement, Parshyn started slanderous campaign in the regional mass media of the Luhansk region. In many interviews with newspapers, on the TV channels and internet the state official extorted money publicly and he continues to do this now, using his official status.

Besides, as ТBM Holdings.Inc reports, the pressure from the side of Parshyn has become stronger after the completion of the legal procedures of inspection of the economic state of the “Termo” Jsc, when many violations of the Ukrainian law were unveiled, performed by the management of this enterprise, mainly, by close relatives of Parshyn. According to the inspections, held by the revision commission of the join-stock society, the loss of the “Termo” Jsc., caused by illegal actions of these persons, exceeds USD 1,5 million, which were illegally withdrawn from the enterprise and most likely given to Parshyn. All materials concerning these violations are sent to Luhansk regional prosecutor’s office, which now inspects these facts.

Besides, the management of ТBM Holdings.Inc applied for help to Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.


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