According to the opposition forces, the government of Yulia Tymoshenko works without governmental program. Leader of the Party of Region’s faction Viktor Yanukovych told journalists at the conciliatory council on Monday, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

According to Yanukovych, this is the shortcoming which doesn’t give the possibility to see in what direction Ukraine moves and what will be with the economics of the country.

Besides, the head of the Party of Regions states that one of the sharp questions is the question concerning the so called “letter of three” to the Secretary General of NATO. “The question arises how such decision was taken. We are sure that according to the law, this question first of all had to be considered at the sitting of the government. As to the Ukraine’s joining Action plan on membership in NATO, this decision must be taken by the Cabinet of Ministers. And there was no such sitting, or why people don’t know about it?” Yanukovych asked.

According to Yanukovych, the Ukrainian society wants any actions to be transparent.


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