People’s deputy from Party of Regions Volodymyr Zubanov considers that consensus between coalition and opposition concerning conduct of referendum on NATO will not be reached today. He informed to ForUm’s correspondent.

Zubanov expressed opinion that Party of Regions would continue blocking VRU podium because it is a principle issue and development of the state depends on it.

“I think that Party of Regions will stand for this issue up the very end. So the issue on NATO is likely to disappear by itself. If in April at the session of NATO members Ukraine is not jointed to Action plan on membership in NATO, then there will be calm work in the parliament at least for half of a year. Next session of NATO members will take place in autumn,” he said.

Zubanov noted that national referendum on NATO will hardly take place in March, so blocking of VRU podium can last for a long time.

“Either the letter on joining Action plan will be withdrawn, or agenda of NATO members session will not foresee consideration of issue on Ukraine. It will be clear at the end of February,” he added.


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