Head of President’s Secretariat Viktor Baloha admits possibility of failure while adopting of decisions by the VRU because of insignificant advantage of coalition votes. He said that today in an interview, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

At that Baloha noted that such situation does not mean incapacity of the coalition. “Lets be realists: there is a risk of failures while adopting of decisions. But I do not state on incapacity of the coalition,” he said in particular.

According to Baloha, now effectiveness of voting in the VRU depends on every People’s deputy from the coalition and voting for PM proved it.

Answering the journalists question of possibility of coalition extension, he reminded that Constitutional majority in the parliament is formed only on the factions basis. At that he noted that PR has already announced its status of opposition. Communists are mainly at once with PR. “So only Lytvyn bloc faction can be considered as potential participant of the coalition. However any signals from Lytvyn bloc concerning consultations have not been shown from their side.


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