Fore Ukraine issue on diversification of supplies of energy resources is a question of political independence and freedom. PM Yulia Tymoshenko informed yesterday in an interview.

“That’s why all projects, connected with diversification of energy resources supplies to Ukraine simultaneously reach system of national priorities of the EU. It means we can be good partners in this issue –in construction of new transit gas corridors – trans-Caspian and trans-Black sea. It is important for Ukraine and the EU,” Tymoshenko said.

According to her, Ukraine can bee a partner at creation of gas consortium on the basis of oil pipeline “Odesa-Brody” which can be alternative corridor of oil supplies to Europe.

“We think about joint projects on production of alternative nuclear fuel for Ukraine, taking into consideration opportunities and experience of the EU,” she said.

Tymoshenko noted that Ukraine’s membership in the EU is not considered in short-term perspective, but system of gradual integration of this or that spheres is obvious.


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