Open discussion on Ukraine’s relations with NATO is started in Ukraine but this decision will be made only at national referendum. Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko informed yesterday in an interview.

“It is very complicated issue for Ukraine. Ukraine’s accession to the European Union is supported by 70% of Ukrainians, but issue on joining NATO splits Ukrainian society.” She said.

”Now Ukraine faces open, transparent, information discussions concerning NATO and how it will influence Ukraine. But we consider it is necessary to cooperate with NATO as we do now. Further actions and steps must be decided only by means of referendum,” Tymoshenko noted.

As a reminder, on January 15 President Viktor Yushchenko, PM Yulia Tymoshenko and VRU speaker, Arseniy Yatsenyuk signed and forwarded a letter to NATO secretary concerning Ukraine’s joining Action plan on membership in NATO.

Last week representatives of opposition blocked parliamentary podium, demanding to withdraw the letter. According to them, issue on joining NATO must be considered at National referendum.


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