VRU chairman Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers that it is necessary to divide commercial and foeeirgn policy parts in issue on provision with energy resources.

“It will be good if we divide commercial issue (purchase-sale of energy carriers) and foreign policy interests,” Yatsenyuk said yesterday in Crimea.

As soon as energy resources become instrument of geopolitical influence, it will cost much for all participants of this process: those who sell these energy carries and those who buy them,” he noted.

“Today there is quite low rate for transit of Russian gas through territory of Ukraine and acceptable price for Russian gas for Ukraine,” he said adding: “Why do we say Russian? Unfortunately today everything is called Russian gas as there is no direct contact on gas supply between Ukraine and Turkmenistan.”

“Actually we do not have Turkmen gas. De facto gas is supplied but de jure it is not,” he said.

According to Yatsenyuk, it is necessary to divide commercial and foreign policy relations between Ukraine and Russia. We must not only form relations of mutual respect and understanding but also of mutual interests. Any conflicts will be of no benefit for both countries.


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