People’s deputy from Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko considers that issue on privatization is not within NSDC's competence. He stated that in an interview to ForUm’s correspondent.

Kolesnichenko noted that Yushchenko tries to continue war on Tymoshenko and to usurp power.

“I think that participation of NSDC in issues on privatization is unpromising. Transparent and fair privatization in Ukraine when Yushchenko and Tymoshenko are in power is a phrase that must be forgotten at all. Yushchenko tries not to let Tymoshenko solve problems of her financial-oligarch clans by means of privatization and tries to solve this issue in favour of his family,” he said.

Kolesnichenko noted that re-privatization is a proof of fascist ideology of Tymoshenko who needs at any cost to get people’s support at presidential elections.

“Tymoshenko can only deprive and share. War for Tymoshenko is a constituent part of her nature,” he said.


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