Kyiv city mayor Leonid Chernovetsky consider actions of Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko prove his inadequacy and danger for society.

According to the press service of Kyiv city council, Chernovetsky said “if Interior Minister is proud of his behavior and his actions do not get appropriate estimations from VRU, other officials and high bodies of the state, it will not only contradict common sense and law but it will be dangerous for the society.

“Then we do not need courts, PGO, VRU. The country will have crash of the state power. I am convinced that such person who still is in office of Interior Minister and allows himself such actions and statements, is just inadequate and very dangerous for society. I also convinced that I will manage to show real reasons of Lutsenko’s behavior,” Chernovetsky emphasized.

As a reminder, on January 18 after the NSDC sitting “fight” between Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko happened.

According to Lutsenko, after he called Chernovetsky a liar, blaming him for illegal state land distribution, Chernovetsky kicked his leg. After that Lutsenko gave a slap to Chernovetsky.

According to Chernovetsky, Lutsenko attacked him from his back, in presence of higher officials, workers of the law enforcement bodies and then hit him on the head with a fist.


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