President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko insists on adoption of draft bill on cancellation of People’s deputies immunity. He said that today at ceremonial meeting on occasion of Reunion day in Kyiv teacher’s house.

“I would like to inform that I initiated submission of draft bill to the parliament on cancellation of People’s deputies immunity,” he said.

“I insist this draft bill to be adopted during current session of the VRU,” the President added.

As a reminder, draft bill on changes introduction to the Constitution (concerning restriction of People’s deputies immunity” is registered in the VRU. The authors of this draft bill are chairman of OU-PSD faction Vyacheslav Kyrylenko and BYuT Ivan Kyrylenko.

The draft bill foresees changes introductions into the Constitution, by means of changing article 80: “Article 80. People’s deputies are not responsible for results of voting or expressions in the parliament except responsibility for insult or slander.”


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