Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovych is convinced that under conditions of political confrontations it is impossible to speak about total unification of Ukraine. He said that today on occasion of the Reunion Day.

Yanukovych noted that 89 years ago union of all territories of two republics – UNR and ZUNR was proclaimed in Sophia square. Union of East and West was a task of Ukrainian politicians of all times and epochs as obligatory condition of independent state.

Despite those efforts, Ukrainian society is still divided. Politicians keep ignoring differences in mentality of people of different regions of our country. Very politicians but not people split our Ukrainians.

Celebrating anniversary of reunion, it is necessary to recollect history and think why this great idea is still urgent today.

“Then we will see that there is no other way but union for achievement of high aim which our predecessors spoke about on January 22, 1919.


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