People’s deputy from CPU Leonid Hrach commented on “fight" between Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko and Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky.

“There cant be any excuses for both Lutsenko and Chernovetsky, because both are happened to be in power by people’s wish, so it is inappropriate to behave in such a way either Interior Minister or Kyiv mayor. It is offensively and disgraceful for level of political culture demonstrated by statesmen of Ukraine,” he said in an interview with ForUm’s correspondent.

According to Hrach, Yuriy Lutsenko must not explain  the society that Chernovetsky insulted or blamed him, but submit arguments, which will be evidence in the court of illegal distribution of state land by Kyiv city council headed by Chernovetsky. To behave courageously does not mean to use fists especially when statesmen sort out their relations.

According to Hrach, President Viktor Yushchenko has already interfered into this incident. He provoked this situation at least because he did not stopped accusations between Lutsenko and Chernovetsky at NSDC sitting. On the other hand he provokes this situation because these “playing” with Chernovetsky show that President sticks to the principle: the worse around, the better him. That’s why in this case he is a provocateur.


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