Lawyer Andriy Fedur considers that Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko has few chances to win proceedings in case Leonid Chernovetsky institutes legal proceedings against Lutsenko concerning incident taken place on January 18 after the NSDC sitting.

According to Fedur, taking into account present information concerning incident between Lutsenko and Chernovetsky, legal proceedings can be instituted against Lutsenko on the basis of Article 125 of Criminal Code of Ukraine “Easy physical injuries entailed short-term disorder of health is punished by public work for 150-240 hours, correctional labour for about one year, arrest up to six months or freedom restriction for two years".

“In case Chernovetsky wants to institute legal proceedings against Lutsenko, he is likely to win the case, because Lutsenko has few chances to win,” he said.

As a reminder, on January 18 after the NSDC sitting “fight” between Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko happened.

According to Lutsenko, after he called Chernovetsky a liar, blaming him for illegal state land distribution, Chernovetsky kicked his leg. After that Lutsenko gave a slap to Chernovetsky.

According to Chernovetsky, Lutsenko attacked him from his back, in presence of higher officials, workers of the law enforcement bodies and then hit him on the head with a fist.


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