Kyiv city chairman Leonid Chernovetsky promises to show all Kyiv citizens and whole Ukraine how it is necessary to stand up for own Constitutional rights, irrespective of positions and political advantages. As the press-service of the Kyiv city State administration informs, the mayor of Kyiv stated this on Monday.

“After Mr. Lutsenko had attacked me from my back, in presence of higher officials, workers of the law enforcement bodies received a signal in what way problems could be solved in the sphere of inquiry and investigation. I worked in the law enforcement bodies too and I know that if the chief allows himself illegal actions, then impudent workers will follow his methods,” Chernovetsky emphasized.

According to him, “head of the department, Yuriy Lutsenko, will be responsible now for all violations of law from the side of the police”.

Chernovetsky calls upon Kyiv citizens to address “Service of mayor’s help for Kyiv citizens” and to inform about all illegal actions of the law enforcement bodies. “I will not let “lutsenkos” who have shoulder straps to abuse power,” the Kyiv mayor stated.

As earlier reported, on January 18 after the NSDC sitting “fight” between Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko happened. No definite reasons, evidences and details about this fight are known.

According to Yuriy Lutsenko, during NSDC sitting he stated that Kyiv council headed by Chernovetsky carries out illegal distribution of state land. Lutsenko offered to form groups of representatives from Interior Ministry and SBU in order to check legality of land distribution by Kyiv council. After that Chernovetsky stated: “Lutsenko had demanded land, otherwise he threatened me to arrest my son.” Lutsenko noted that it was mere lie and stated that Chernovetsky is liar and scoundrel. "After the NSDC sitting Chernovetsky kicked my leg. In return I gave Chernovetsky a slap.”

“I am not going to excuse. I behaved as a man, citizen and as Lutsenko,” Lutsenko stated.

However, details of that “fight” are different from the Chernovetsky's side. Deputy mayor Irena Kylchytska noted that Chernovetsky’s face was swollen and blooded. After that incident Chernovetsky did not appear in public, so nobody can prove words of his deputy.

According to witness (governor of Rivne region), there was not a real fight or something that could lead to such consequences on Chernovetsky’s face.


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