President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko claims that Ukraine’s joining WTO will bring 1,5%-1,8% of GPR increase and he expresses assurance in positive decision of the General Council of the organization on Ukrainian question, which will take place on February 5. The President stated in an interview with “Inter” TV channel.

At the same time, the President has noted that the joining WTO is not an end in itself, “it is our priority”: “We must be a member of the WTO, as it is a compliment for Ukraine,” he added.

Speaking about forthcoming consideration of the question on Ukraine’s joining WTO at the sitting of the General Council of the WTO on February 5, Yushchenko has emphasized: “I’m sure, it will be considered positively.”

In his interview the President also has told about his views regarding top priority tasks before Ukrainian authorities in 2008 such as safeguarding political stability, ensuring economic growth, managing inflation rates, etc.


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