People’s deputy from Party of Regions Olexander Stoyan considers that in case of cancellation of People’s deputies immunity, it is necessary also to cancel judges, President and other officials immunity. He said today in an interview with ForUm’s correspondent.

Stoyan opined that today People’s deputies immunity should not be cancelled at all.

“I as People’s deputy being in opposition want to make statements, criticize the President, PM and so on. If to cancel immunity they will always find a motive to institute legal proceedings. Maybe People’s deputies immunity should not be cancelled. As to criminal cases, then let them apply to court and submit evidences,” he said.

As a reminder, People’s deputies from CPU and PR blocked VRU podium today. They demanded Arseniy Yatsenyuk to withdraw his signature from the letter to Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer NATO Secretary General concerning Ukraine’s joining Action plan on membership in NATO.

In turn, leader of OU-PSD faction Vyacheslav Kyrylenko noted that opposition had blocked podium when the matter concerns cancellation of People’s deputies’ benefits and immunity. “NATO is only a motive for them,” he said.


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