Chairman of the VRU Committee for Safety and Defense Anatoliy Hrytsenko is sure that the immunity must be canceled not only for the People’s deputies, but also for the President of Ukraine. He has stated today in an interview with journalists.

“I’m sure that the law must be one for everyone – for citizens, for the People’s deputies and for the President of Ukraine,” Hrytsenko said.

According to him, the cancellation of the President’s immunity is more important then the cancellation of the People’s deputies immunity. Explaining his statement, he noted, that unlike the People’s deputies, the President makes single-handed decisions.

“If the People’s deputies vote and take collective decisions, the President takes singe-handed decisions. The President has more temptations to break the law,” Hrytsenko said.

“For last years we see that the Head of the State makes attempts to give orders everyone – to the Head of the State, separate Ministers, the VRU chairman, the Prosecutor-General, leaders of the political parties, and sometimes it doesn’t correspond to the acting legislation,” he noted.

“I will sign the draft changes it to the Constitution and vote for it, if it foresees immunity cancellation for everyone: for the People’s deputies and for the President,” he added.


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