The VR of Autonomous Republic of Crimea approved budget of the autonomy for 2008. The draft budget was submitted by Finance Minister of Crimea Pavlo Tokarev. 79 out 0f 82 People’s deputies of Crimea voted for budget.

According to Tokarev, draft budget was considered by all parliamentary commission of the VR of Crimea. All amendments and remarks concerning draft budget were taken into consideration. Positive tendencies of the budget 2007 were preserved, some spheres were strengthened.

According to adopted draft budget of Crimea, volume of incomes of Crimea in 2008 will comprise UAH 2 183 229,5 thousand including volume of transfers from state budget of Ukraine in amount of UAH 1 448 008,0 thousand. Incomes volume of the general budget fund of Crimea is set in amount of UAH 1 946 733,4 thousand, special fund – UAH 236 496,1 thousand, including budget of development – UAH 43 392,5 thousand.

Volume of expenses of Crimea budget for 2008 is set in amount of UAH 2 229 715,8 thousand including expenses of general fund - UAH 1 993 019,7 thousand, and expenses of special fund – UAH 236 696,1 thousand.


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