Today the Saving bank starts to pay off compensation means for depositors of the Saving bank of the USSR.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko charged chairman of “Oshchadbank” Jsc. Anatoly Huley to take additional arrangement actions to stabilize situation in local departments of “Oshchadbank”.

Tymoshenko expressed concern about numerous complains from different regions concerning improper work of local department of “Oshchadbank”, long queues and unsatisfied work of hotline for obtaining information. People also complain about lack of information concerning order of registration in the list of depositors in order to get compensation for lost savings.

Tymoshenko insists on “Oshchadbank” heads to do job on payment to depositors correctly and perfect. Moreover, Tymoshenko asked to inform people once more that the process of registration of depositors is unlimited. So to register and get first UAH 1000 for one person will be possible in any time during this year.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko insists on every depositor of USSR Saving bank to get first compensation from the state budget within first two-three months of 2008.


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