President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko proposes to affirm five positions of vice Prime Ministers, including first vice Prime Minister, in the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. It is stated in the registered in the VRU draft bill “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” introduced by the President of Ukraine.

According to the proposition of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers consists of Prime Minister, first vice Prime Minister, four vice Prime Ministers and Ministers.

The Head of the State considers that positions of members of the government must concern political positions, and legislation on the State service and legislation on staff must not apply to these positions. At the same time, according to the draft bill, any positions in the organs of the State power can’t be equal to positions of members of the Cabinet of Ministers.

President of Ukraine also proposes to include legal regulation that states that members of the government can be only citizens of Ukraine, who have a right of vote, higher education and who speak State language. “Persons who have previous concoctions can’t be appointed to positions of members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,” it is noted in the statement.


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