President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko determined the Ukraine’s joining WTO in February, 2008 as the common task for the Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada and the President’s Secretariat. As the press office of the Head of the State informed, Yushchenko stated at today’s weekly traditional meeting with Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, Chairman of the VRU Arseniy Yatsenyuk, with the participation of NSDC secretary Raisa Bohatyryova and head of the President’s Secretariat Viktor Baloha.

According to the President, by the end of 2007 Ukraine reached the maximum level of readiness for membership in the WTO.

The President set the key task for the government - introduction balanced and coordinated amadments into the State budget for 2008.

Yushchenko is sure that improved budget must correspond to common positions of institute of power and accordng to him, it is necessary to work on this document seriously.

Also, Yushchenko charged the government to secure financing of preparation for Euto-2012. According to Viktor Yushchenko one of the aspects of preparation for the championship is building road infrastructure. According to state program of highway infrastructure development for 2005-2010 government must provide funds for building detour, circuit and connective highways in cities which are to host Euro-2012.

Also, the President gave the government task to introduce new conception into the budget for 2008 concerning building of available accommodation.

Summarizing the task for the government, the President expressed his assurance that he sees chances and possibilities. “I’m sure that we will be able to act effectively, systematically, together and without populism,” the Head of the State noted.


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