On Wednesday President Viktor Yushchenko held a meeting with Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov. Main discussed points included Ukrainian army combat readiness, perspectives of presenting voluntary military service and participation of the Ministry in preparations for Euro-2012, president's press office reported.

Yekhanurov assured Yushchenko that after comprehensive analysis of Ukrainian army condition is completed all necessary measures shall be applied in order to stimulate mobilizing effects in Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Regarding issues of presenting voluntary military service in Ukraine President expressed his firm belief again that next year should become the last when conscription is conducted. After that soldiers are to serve by contracts which shall require additional funds. In this regard V. Yushchenko promised to rise a question before government and parliament to increase funding of Ukrainian army while preparing amendments to 2008 budget.

President also said that he would personally initiate and supervise social programs for army including building accommodation for military. He also assigned Yekhanurov to prepare suggestions on providing servicemen with accommodation. Speaking about Ministry’s participation in Euro-2012 arraignment President drew Defense Minister’s attention to the fact that some premises and territories may be handed over to local authorities for use as a part of championship’s infrastructure and asked Yekhanurov to prepare a list of such premises and territories.


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