President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko is convinced that program on government’s activity must include main positions of his address to the VRU. According to the president’s press office, Yushchenko intends to make a speech in the VRU soon in order to deliver his annual address concerning internal and foreign affairs of Ukraine, as it is foreseen by the Constitution.

Address of the President to the VRU is totally completed. The President defined main courses of social, economic, political development of the state for this year and further perspective. The address foresees real actions for fulfillment of important tasks.

There is development of government’s activity program under management of Yulia Tymoshenko on agenda of the Cabinet. This program must be approved by the VRU. Approvement of this program will prove public and state motive in work of new Cabinet. Former government and its head had worked without any action plan or program for one year.

“Government’s program is significant part of agreement on formation of democratic coalition in the parliament of VI convocation. It is impossible to allow divergences between coalition agreement and program on government’s activity. Such divergences will cause crisis of public trust to new power,” Yushchenko said.

Yushchenko emphasized that program of the government must be elaborated on the basis of in-depth analyses and definition of main courses of development of the State and solution of problems. That’s why President considers address to the VRU on internal and foreign affairs of Ukraine is powerful tool in government’s work.

“President, VRU and Cabinet must have common vision of development of the State and society. So there must be one vector of movement,” Yushchenko noted. He is convinced that it is necessary to take into consideration main positions of the President’s address to the VRU in to the program of the government.


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