The government has considered and approved the program of activity at today’s sitting. ForUm’s correspondent reports.

During the discussions every Minister has expressed his propositions and remarks concerning this program.

In particular, Minister of Transport and Communications Yosyf Vinsky has stated that his department proposes to increase the section of the program, which is dedicated to transport and communication. Besides, according to him, it is necessary to marked out the priorities.

In his turn Finance Minister Viktor Pinzenyk has noted that it is necessary to regulate questions concerning benefits and to specify the questions concerning villages.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has informed that all remarks of the Ministers will be analyzed by the working group. She has noted that within twenty-four hours this document can be improved. “We will work day and night, and tomorrow morning will have completed document with all propositions. Tomorrow we will submit this draft program to the President of Ukraine,” the head of the government added.

Besides, according to her, it is necessary to transfer this document to the Academy of Science so that to obtain the final conclusion.

Tymoshenko has stated that on January 13 and 15 the public hearings must be held dedicated to the discussion of the program of government’s activity.


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