Dear Ukrainian nation,
Our Dear families,
Dear fellow Ukrainians!
On Christmas Eve I would like to whish well to you.
Let everyday troubles and problems abandon us.
Christmas comes and the world welcomes it and rejoices over it.

It is our greatest pleasure to say a word of good to each other to feel the most important thing: we are a single large Ukrainian family.

With bright mood I address every family. God grant you happiness, wealth and warmth.

I wish each of us says today words of deepest gratitude to our parents, who granted us our lives and put their love into our hearts.

I wish sincerely that each of us says words of love and devotion to all relative and beloved people.

The most important and the warmest words we now say to our children, to whom we hand down faith in holiness of Christmas – a holiday of hope for a bright future.

According to Ukrainian tradition every master at Christmas Supper table whishes to his home harmony, wealth and mutual understanding between those so different yet so dear personalities of his family.

Harmony, wealth and genuine great progress I wish to Ukraine.

Christmas Carol singers all over Ukraine bring the message to every door – God’s Son is born.

This message brings peace and happiness to our home.

The Evil One can not hide Christmas moon from us anymore. If we believe that the great and loving nation lives on this land we undoubtedly will be able to clear our skies, our path, our destiny for better life.

With great honor I ask you to accept best regards from me and from my family, which we wish to all of you, fellow Ukrainians, to all Ukrainian families and to whole our nation.

May God make power of Christmas strengthen, unite and bless us all.

I wish you delicious Kutya and happy celebration.Miracle happens – Christ is born.
The article is provided by the President's press office.

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