Dear Ukrainian nation,

Dear fellow Ukrainians!

New Year’s eve is at our doors.

Holiday is born out of this winter air which cloaks in Holy Sofiya.

My heart is filled with peace and credence about us all.

I would like to say simple and intimate words to you.

These are the words of love, gratitude, support and respect to each of you. To those familiar and to strangers, to own and far, to all kind and wonderful people, to our nation, the one I belong to with my heart and soul and the one I can not imagine my life without.

Is it suitable for a President to speak about his feelings?

My answer is: yes it is.

Today we all should speak about our deepest feelings towards each other; in our families, in holiday gatherings forgetting no one, not even a single lonely heart.

We have a hard year behind us.

We lived through much – highs and lows, dramas and happiness.

But we are strong and that positive and firm strength helps us to follow our path.

I can not overlook politics. Changes took place in our country’s life. We have elected new parliament and this choice’s meaning is grater than politics.

We have a great, truly lifetime opportunity in our hands.

You, fellow Ukrainians, have brought threats generated by treachery and discord among politicians to a stop. You said your word. It is a potent lesson.

Owning to you authorities are learning to change. I have done everything for this learning to begin and I will do anything for it to be authentic.

This year brought us many hopes and promises. In the next year they are to become true.

Main tasks for me were economic growth, fighting poverty and certainly social incentives aimed at almost 35 million people.

We have brought Ukrainian ship out of the storm and now it is time for calm and coordinated work.

I have began with words about attitude towards each other.

Simple truths are love sympathy and support. They are central, the most important.

Ukraine was united in its happiness after winning the right to hold Euro-2012. I have no doubt that championship shall be worthy held in our state.

Ukraine was united in its grief when lives of innocent people were lost during accidents in Dnipropetrovsk and at the Zasyadko mine. Neither these catastrophes and their victims, nor their causes shall be forgotten.

Something very important happened inside our hearts when together with 193 states around the world we honored Holodomor victims and realized tragedy’s causes. After all we feel ourselves as a nation.

We stood as one in many tense, dramatic yet also in many encouraging situations.

We have a lot of things to change. These changes must happen inside us.

Enthusiasm should arise in the country.

Culture of attentive owner not indifferent to the condition of his home, porch or street must spread among us. Because each of you is this owner.

We have to think of life and act for the sake of life, for our children, wives, parents, for the sake of continuation of our kin, for its health and its future.

We are able to restore truth about or history.

We are able to realize essence of our belonging to Ukrainian nation.

We are capable of deeper, kinder, more tolerant feelings towards each other.

And we must speak of this every day. And we must act every day.

Because we have our valuable life.

We have our country.

We have faith in our success.

Everything will be fine. And let the New Year’s wind carry these words from Sofiya to Hoverla, from Hoverla to Crimea, to our East, to our West, to our South and to our North.

A year of big opportunities comes.

I pray to God for sound health, happiness, and good for each of you, for each of us, for our families and for our nation.

I wish you, my fellow Ukrainians, a happy 2008 New Year!
Article is provided by President's press office.

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