On Friday December 28 The VRU has adopted law “On State budget of Ukraine for 2008” and some amendments to legislation acts of Ukraine” in the first and second readings and on the whole with remarks and suggestions of the budget committee and propositions, expressed in scope of consideration of the draft budget in the parliament.

235 People’s deputies out of 483 registered in the parliament, voted for such decision.

They are 156 People’s deputies from BYuT, 71 People’s deputies from OU-PSD faction, eight People’s deputies from CPU. People’s deputies from Lytvyn bloc and Party of Regions did not vote for State budget.

Adopted law on State budget consists of two parts: the budget itself and amendments to tax and social legislation. In total amendments are introduced in more than 100 laws. The government explained necessity to introduce such quantity of amendments by hidden deficit of the State budget in amount of about UAH 105 milliard.

Renewed State budget is based on the same macroforecast for 2008 as its previous variant: rate of inflation -9.6%; GDP rate -6.8%; its nominal meaning –UAH 889.4 milliard.


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