President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko stated that Russia does not have direct relations to price for gas supplied to Ukraine because Ukraine consumes gas from Central Asia. Viktor Yushchenko said that yesterday during his annual press conference “National priorities”.

President reminded that there are no supplies of Russian gas to Ukraine. It is Central Asian gas.

The President explained the gas increase by agreement between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to construct gas pipelines to China. Yushchenko also explained gas price increase for Ukraine by market conjuncture as a result of which price for Turkmen gas at border with Russia comprises USD 135 for one thousand cubic meters in 2008 in comparison with USD 100 in 2007.

President did not answer the question on reasonability of mediators on the market of gas supplies to Ukraine. He just advised Ukrainian politicians who blame Russia “to come back to Ukraine” and start providing effective programs of energy efficiency for gradual preparation of economy to transformation to European market prices.

The President also noted that Ukraine has the lowest price for gas (USD 179.5) at the border with Russia among European countries. Only Belarus has the lower price, gas transport system of which is not a state property any more.


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