It was very difficult for new government to form new budget for eight days. Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has stated at the briefing in the Cabinet, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Tymoshenko emphasizes that the government has got the country with huge temps of inflation, where almost all social systems of people’s support are destroyed.

She reminds that 57% more expenditures for social payments are foreseen in new budget. She also notes that pension fund will be increased by 40 %. “It means that we have worked on the budget thoroughly,” she emphasized. The Prime Minister also notes that “there is no category of Ukrainians, about which the government has forgotten.” At the same time the head of the government notes that this budget has not been yet finished. According to her, it will be adopted now, but by the end of February some changes and amendments will be introduced. Tymoshenko informs that from January 2, 2008 meetings with representatives of Ministries will be held and target programs will be determined by every Ministry. The Prime Minister states that every People’s deputy, who will not vote for the budget for the next year, will deprive Ukrainians the right on salaries and pensions raise.


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