Ukraine and the European Union will set up a visa committee for control over implementation of the agreement on liberalization of visa regulations between Ukraine and the EU. Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Yeliseev said this. Government's press service reports.
"The parties will monitor the situation over the issue of visas to the citizens of Ukraine," he said.

"We will hold the position of principle there. We will watch over the observance of our citizens' rights, and our position on the issue will be rather offensive" but "without hysterias or spite," said Yeliseev, who supervises cooperation with the EU.

Asked by the press, the Deputy Minister said that he could not call a precise date of start of the said committee's activity, as the question was being coordinated with EU partners. Nowadays, the Ukrainians facing problems with getting visas must address the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry's Call Center.

Yeliseev said that next year is going to be rather uneasy for Ukraine as regards Eurointegration issues. It is necessary to conclude a new, reinforced agreement between Ukraine and the EU, to start talks on the creation of a free trade zone with the EU. However, the diplomat said, this is possible only after Ukraine joins the World Trade Organization. Apart from this, he said, work will proceed over extension of the range of countries with which accords were concluded on the creation of favorable legal conditions for the Ukrainian citizens working abroad.

Yeliseev informed that next February Kyiv would host a meeting of 36 EU and Black Sea countries' Foreign Ministers.


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