The US government supports desire of Ukrainian people to form strong transparent and open democracy.

The representatives of State department of the USA Tom Keisy commented on statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning the USA destroys Ukraine, having split its society into “proRussian” and “proAmerican” forces and having supported the last in the row.

“Position of the USA is gradual and aimed at support of aspiration of Ukrainians to form strong, transparent and open democracy. The Ukrainian people chooses its President and parliament,” he said.

Tom Keisy appreciated formation of new government in Ukraine. “We are waiting for start working with this government. At the same time we are expecting Ukraine to have good relations not only with the USA, countries of western Europe but also with Russia.

As a reminder, yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the USA is responsible for split of Ukraine for “prowestern” and “proRussian”. “For some reason the USA decided that there was political proAmerican and proRussian elite in Ukraine. The USA decided to support proAmerican part of elite, so-called “orange revolutionaries”, Putin said in an interview with Time magazine.


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