Today CEC cant register new People’s deputies from BYuT and OU-PSD for replacement of People’s deputies who resigned and became Ministers, the chairman of CEC Mykhaylo Okhendovsky informed.

“Those politicians who state that CEC will register new People’s deputies today, probably are not aware of demands of law on Central Election Commission and law on election of new People’s deputies,” he said.

Okhendovsky noted that in case of People’s deputies resignation, CEC can make a decision on registration of next People’s deputies in the election lists of political forces not early than on the sixth day after VRU decision on People’s deputies resignation.

“After that more 20 days are given for candidatures for People’s deputies to submit documents for registration to the CEC and only after that the CEC can make a decision on their registrations,” he said.

He is also concerned about attempts of People’s deputies and officials of the VRU to interfere into the CEC work.

According to the legislation, the CEC is not subordinated to the VRU.


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