The USA is responsible for split of Ukraine for “prowestern” and “proRussian”, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated.

“For some reason the USA decided that there was political proAmerican and proRussian elites in Ukraine. The USA decided to support that proAmerican part of elite, the so-called “orange revolutionaries”, Putin said in an interview with Time magazine.

Putin considers such division is not correct. Politician who aspires to popularity in his country must defend national interests and must be Ukrainian nationalist in good sense. “Actually Ukrainian politicians are such in deed; they are not proRussian, proEuropean or proAmerican but proUkrainian,” he said.

According to Putin, the USA initiated not only such split of Ukraine but also supported some politicians in anticonstructive actions that contributed to distrust of some political forces and people in Ukraine to each other.

“By such actions you started destroy Ukraine, its territorial integrity and sovereignty. That is what the USA made in Ukraine,” Putin said.

He also noted that when everybody saw destabilization in Ukraine, Russia was tried to be forced to subsidize Ukrainian economy, having politicized issue on energy resources supply.

Putin reminded that Russia subsidized Ukraine during 15 years by low prices for energy resources.

Putin noted that despite mental proximity of Ukraine, where 17 out of 45 million are ethnic Russians and 80 % of people consider Russian theirs native language, there is no desire to join it to Russia.

“We do not want to include anyone in Russia’s composition, because for us it is additional economic load,” Putin said.

According to him, intrusion of some new state education is nonsense without will of the people of this or that country. Ukraine needs to do everything possible for consolidation of the society and the country, creating power structures that would unite nation and not split it into western or eastern.


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