The Ministry of Justice will closely cooperate with the President Yushchenko in the sphere of corruption overcoming and judicial reform caring out. Mykola Onishchuk stated at the briefing.

He promises close cooperation with the President as the guarantor of protection of constitutional rights of people.

Mykola Onishchuk states that he has held today a meeting with the deputies Minister of Justice. Onishchuk has proposed them to perform analytical information about work in 2007 and about their vision of program tasks for 2008.

At the same time, Onishchuk promises that there will be no stuff revolution in the Ministry and the European model of continuity of power will take place.

Onishchuk also says that today he has met with former Minister Olexander Lavrynovyh and their points of views are coincided in many questions concerning further activity of the Ministry.


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