Acting Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych in his speech in the VRU has expressed his hope that new government will be able to do good work for the country. ForUm’s correspondent reports.

According to Yanukovych, the Ukrainian people will be able to see how the government will fulfill its duties.

Yanukovych has said that event, which will deepen instability in the country and will negatively influence rates of economic development, has taken place today.

According to Yanukovych, everyone remembers how the orange team disorganized the economy and started the redivision of the property.

Yanukovych has emphasized that the epoch of crises, political intrigues and quarrels starts. He has stated that citizens of Ukraine can’t expect better life now.

The acting Prime Minister has noted that the Party of Regions will work constructively and will not permit other factions to go by means of populism.

Yanukovych has stated that the Party of Regions transfers to opposition.


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