In case of stop of works and closing of Zasyadko mine, in a year or so highly explosive concentration of methane will accumulated under Donetsk. The chairman of board of leaseholders of Zasyadko mine Efrim Zvyagilsky warns.

“Then half of Donetsk and the whole Kyiv region will be sitting on a bomb,” he said.

By means of turned-on ventilators and works in mine we provide not only work under ground. In case of closing of mine, we will get so-called second Chernobyl,” he said adding that there are special calculations proving his warnings.

According to Zvyagilsky, highly explosive concentration of methane will be accumulated also on surface, in the basements.

He has also noted that there is not a problem of Zasyadko mine, there is a problem of coal industry.

At the same time he supports decision on closing of emergency stratum of mine. “We understand necessity to do it. People must not be sent under ground without proper security,” he said.

“However, there are other stratums that are not dangerous, that’s why the mine will work further and provide energy independence of Ukraine,” he said.

As a reminder in November-December Zasyadko mine suffered from three explosions. The death toll is over 100 miners. 10 bodies are still under surface. 90 miners are still in hospitals.


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