The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine studies the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry concerning the spread of “anti-Russian manifestations” in Ukraine. Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Kostenko told journalists.

“We will study this statement, all the more, there is phrase in the statement, that the reaction from the side of youth is expected,” he said.

According to Kostenko, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine waits that youth will react to this situation, and also scientists must tell their opinions.

“Then the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine will make a statement, taking into account the public opinion,” he added.

Kostenko has also noted that statement of Russian Foreign Ministry is treated with humor.

Earlier, on December 14 the Foreign Ministry of Russia made a statement concerning the “ant-Russian manifestations” in Ukraine.

“Russia is anxious about the intensification of the frankly nationalist, anti-Russian and Russophobic moods and manifestations in Ukraine. In fact, it concerns the attempts to use difficult periods of our common history so that to receive momentary political benefits to please doubtful ideological directions,” the statement says.


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