President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko thinks that change of procedure of PM election corresponds with the democratic regulations. As the press service of the Head of the State informs, Yushchenko welcomes the decision, taken by the VRU, aimed at deblocking of the highest legislative organ of the country.

The President considers the changed procedure of the PM election to be reasonable, because the majority has stated about the failures in the electronic system of vote.

“The open and clear demonstration of support or nonsupport of the candidacy of Yulia Tymoshenko for the position of the head of the government will give the single result which will be impossible to prejudice. The irreproachability of the PM election is necessary from all points of views,” Yushchenko noted.

The Head of the State has said that the changed procedure of vote for the PM satisfies fully the democratic regulations and doesn’t break the rights or prerogatives of the People’s deputies.

As a reminder, the VRU adopted a decision on change of way of voting for Prime Minister and composition of Cabinet.

253 people’s deputies adopted such decision.

According to VRU chairman Arseniy Yatsenyuk, every People’s deputy who wishes to vote must be present at his/her working seat. VRU speaker will read aloud names of People’s deputies in alphabet order. People’s deputies must raise a hand and say “for”. Those who are against must not raise their hands and say “against”.


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