President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko hopes that political stability in 2008 will contribute to more dynamic development of the economy. He said in an interview with the “5 channel” on Sunday.

The President noted that in the current year increase of GDP comprised 7.6 %. He expressed hope that next year rate would not be reduced. The President even foresees increase of return to the budget in 2008. He remindered that in 2005 increase to budget comprised almost 50%.

Yushchenko considers that dialogue with business will help to increase returns to the budget. This dialogue is possible only after deshadowing of significant part of economy by means on implementation of new customs codes.

According to Yushchenko, it will allow to direct funds to social projects. He mentioned some of his social initiatives on children-orphans, military men and pensioners.

“As to economic, finance, fiscal processes, we must save what we have. It will be a platform for new political stability. I call the whole society, all political forces to reach and live by means of compromise,” he said, adding that uncompromising policy is a policy of tyranny and sooner or later leads to negative consequences.


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