President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko criticizes the government of Viktor Yanukovych because of absence of reforms and unreasonable steps in the economics. He stated on the channel 5”.

He considers it a miscalculation of the present government that “colleagues from the government have decided that it is possible to live 365 days on the previous economic model.” According to him, it has led to crisis in many spheres, including the housing and communal service, the agrarian sphere and so on.

He also criticizes the existence of double prices on inner market and external market, in particular, prices for grain.

Yushchenko also criticizes the work of the government of Yanukovych in the energetic sphere. “Huge problem: for two years we haven’t had the adequate changes on this market, including changes of prices,” he notes.

Yushchenko notes that it is necessary to hold reforms in many spheres, including education, health protection, judicial system, law enforcement bodies and other spheres.


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