President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko noted the necessity to adopt new version of the Constitution in 2008. “I insist on new Constitution redaction by means of the referendum,” he said in an interview with the “5 channel” on Sunday.

Yushchenko noted that “if we want to reach political stability we must reconsider political reform 2004." “We have disproportion in the power as a result of Constitution changes in 2004. Those were fatal things which do not have balance,” he noted.

According to the President, today the parliament has colossal authority “as mechanism of collective responsibility.” “If this institute forms bodies of power, coalition, mechanisms of relations with so hard, tell me whose responsibility we can speak. The matter does not concern only responsibility. We cant find any other alternative until we consider problems caused by changes into Constitution in 2004,” he stressed.

According to Yushchenko, in the first place it is necessary to cancel People’s deputies’ immunity which allows ”the whole echelon” to manipulate economic issues.


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