Despite coalition calls itself democratic, it acts in a not democratic way. The PR member Yury Myroshnychenko told journalists, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“They said in public that would support any candidature for the position of first vice speaker. Now they make conditions: this one we will support, that one we will not…,” he said.

According to Myroshnychenko, it is nothing more than attempt to split the factions of the minority and not to have united opposition.

According to Myroshnychenko, coalition, at first proposing Martynyuk for the position of first VRU speaker and than refusing to support him, is fighting not for its principles but for split of powerful opposition.

Myroshnychenko has said that there are ideological, personal and other conflicts in coalition. Oranges want to split opposition by proposing of definite political bribes. But PR will stand for its single candidature for the position of the first vice speaker.


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