CPU leader Petro Symonenko explained journalists why his political force voted for agenda on December 18. The ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“We voted for agenda as it is foreseen by VRU regulations. According to the regulations, if the President submits nomination for the position of PM, this issue is considered urgently,” he said.

Answering the journalists question on possible unexpected events during the voting for Tymoshenko he said; “It will depend on scenario on VRU discredit. I know for sure that such scenario exists.”

Symonenko also noted that his faction would not vote for Tymoshenko.

As a reminder today, VRU chairman Arseny Yatsenyuk informed that according to agenda of the parliament, on December 18 People’s deputies must elect Prime Minister, dismiss Viktor Yanukovych from position of PM and current government, form new composition of the government, elect vice speakers and adopt a resolution of VR committees.

174 people’s deputies voted for such decision: PR - 0, BYuT - 156, OU-PSD – 71, CPU – 27, Lytvyn bloc - 20.


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