Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may dismiss Prime Minister, Foreign and Defense Ministers without corresponding submission of the President.

Such decision is publicized today by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

According to the CCU resolution, the VRU is authorized to dismiss PM, Defense and Foreign Ministers without submission of the President of Ukraine.

The CCU considered case on order of dismissal of Cabinet members, submitted by 46 People’s deputies.

People’s deputies ask CC to explain whether dismissal of the PM leads to resignation of the whole composition of the Cabinet and what is the procedure of dismissal of members of Cabinet.

As it is known, government is formed by parliamentary coalition that submits the candidacy for PM to the President. In turn, the President submits candidacy of the PM to the VRU. In case PM is elected, PM proposes candidatures for the positions of Ministers. At the same time positions of Foreign and Defense Ministers belong to President’s quota.


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